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  • Estimated delivery: April 2024

    (please add up to 2-4 weeks for non-Australian destinations)

  • Cross Platform Compatibility

    Future-proof your controllers by choosing Skullbox.

    Each Skullbox is powered by Brook boards, giving some of the lowest latencies and cross-console compatibilities on the market.

    Natively compatible with PS5 AND Xbox Series S/X on Brook Fusion Boards

  • Sleek and Solid Build

    The Skullbox is CNC machined from solid blocks of ABS. Our controllers are made with the highest durability and quality in mind.

    We've also designed the controller with minimalism in mind featuring an extremely sleek profile:
    24cm x 15.5cm x 1.2cm

  • Premium Injection Moulded Buttons

    Each Skullbox controller comes with our custom SkullCaps keycaps/buttons. We've designed these from the ground-up to retain the convex profile and feel of classic Japanese Sanwa arcade pushbuttons.

    They are injection moulded with subtle microtexturing for better grip so you can always hit those frame-perfect plinks. We do not 3D print any of our button parts.


    Our Skullbox controllers feature a fully hot-swappable PCB.

    This means you can easily swap/snap in any conventional key switch - no complex soldering required.

    Conroller comes loaded with Kailh Choc Low Profile Reds


    Easy SOCD Switching between multiple modes. From UP priority to CAPCOM legal NEUTRAL, switch SOCD modes by just holding down a button and reconnecting your controller!

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Jonathan Archer

First leverless controller (Brook UFB Fusion), definitely enjoying it! really appreciate the plug and play, and the possibility to do further modifications if interested. The aesthetic is great: sleek, simple, clean.

Some small nit-picks on the build quality (bottom lid rattles a little, warped), but aside from that no issues.

Definitely suggest purchasing this for the curious!


Ok, but definitely table only. Very light, but decent construction, just not what I'm looking for at all.

im also a fan

Got recommended to buy one of these controllers from Gahvin and it is definitely one of my best purchases yet. The controller is so easy to travel with while also having some weight on your lap so it doesn't move around much in addition to having enough space for both my hands. The buttons feel great to press and especially the keycaps. Coming off from using a Haute42 controller I strongly feel like this is the superior controller as a very affordable yet premium leverless controller.

Krishpy Kreme
First and Last stop on the leverless train

Was tossing up between this controller and a few other lever-less options, however all the others required extra dongles and cables to work with my PS5... This thing simply just works, I'm so impressed by how smooth and responsive it is. Has definitely helped my ground defence game. If you're on the fence between this and a Haute 42- i strongly suggest getting this instead, it will be slightly more expensive BUT you will get a a wonderful controller that functions more like an extension of your hands and it seamlessly plugs into pretty much all consoles and PC, no extra stuff required, no fucking around with settings on a web browser. Highly highly recommend!

Thank you Krish!
We put in a lot of hard work soldering Brook boards by hand onto our custom PCBs so our customers can enjoy a seamless plug n play experience and we're very happy that you like it!

One of the best controller i owned

Would love some more choices for button colors, maybe some rgb switches as a option to buy separately and some custom shells and or vinyls to add little artwork to it. These just my wishlist for the controller and it would be awesome if the company consider them. Other than that it performs great with virtually no input delays, and the size gives it great portability for my lan party/ tournament needs. Ps i added some color buttons from my old controller.

Thanks for the kind words Calvin! We're super happy that you chose Skullbox and enjoy the controller. We really appreciate the constructive feedback and will take notes on what you've mentioned.