Meet the Skullbox, a minimalistic new all-button controller for all your fighting game needs

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Welcome to the Skullbox Family! This page will give you a quick overview of your new controller and get you started ASAP.


    Here are the following items that you should have received in your Skullbox order.

    • 1x Skullbox All-Buttons Controller
    • 1x Right-angle USBC Cable

  • Easy SOCD Switching

    Our Skullbox controllers with the Brook Fusion boards support SOCD Modes, meaning you'll be able to get Capcom compliant SOCD as well as other modes to suit your taste.

  • How to switch?

    To select different SOCD modes, simply hold down a button as you connect your controller. Refer to the diagram below for details.

    • Default SOCD mode is 1
    • SOCD modes will be automatically saved
Skullbox Controller - How to switch SOCD Modes

  • How come controller doesn't show up on my PS5?

    You'll need to press the HOME key after you connect your controller for the PS5 to recognise your device. Try flipping the USB cable if you still have trouble.

  • How come XBOX isn't reading my device?

    The controller should automatically be recognised on connection to an XBOX. If not, try flipping the USB cable. Check the official Brook firmware site for updates.

  • How do I use all-button controls?

    Remember, practice is key. All-button layouts will take some time getting used to. It is helpful to think of the UP button as SPACEBAR on a traditional keyboard for jump.